County Police Chopper Kept Flying By One of Nation’s Best Mechanics


Metro Air Unit Has Never Had A Mechanical Failure
By John Auble
January 28, 2010

CLAYTON, MO (KTVI - - When police call for a helicopter, the "metro air unit" responds with state-of-the-art crime fighting equipment. But, they also carry the expertise of a man who has developed a national reputation for keeping them flying. Some call him the "wizard of the whirlybirds."

John Lasinsky, 49, is an expert in his field, keeping one county helicopter built in 1969 up and running.

The metro airborne unit got it's newest chopper. a $1.5-million beauty on Tuesday. She's in good hands. Amid a bevy of law enforcers from both sides of the river, Bob stood shoulder to shoulder with them.

It's Lasinsky's efforts that keep the airborne unit as one of the few in the country that hasn't experienced a mechanical failure. No unfortunate incidents at all.

This native St. Louisan, who learned to work on choppers for the petroleum industry in Lafayette, Louisiana, has spent 28 years here doing what he does best.

He is the only two-time winner as the National technical specialist of the year.