Equipment & Support

In 2010, the unit was able to obtain a new MD500E, manufactured by MD Helicopters Inc., for $1.5 million in grant money through an Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) Homeland Security grant, along with the St. Louis Area Regional Response System (STARRS). With the addition of this helicopter, the Metro Air Support fleet increased to 6 helicopters and 1 airplane.


Metro Air Support Aircraft

6 Helicopters

* 4 MD500E

1985 & 1987 with over 10,000 hours each

2009 with approximately 1,000 hours

* 2 OH-6 Military Surplus Helicopters

1960' s models used during Vietnam conflict


* Cessna R-172E (1967 Model); ex-Air Force military trainer (T-41B)

Metro Air Support also utilizes a FLIR 8500 and POP 200 infrared camera system along with 50-million candle power NightSun spot lights. All aircraft are equipped with an AeroComputer moving map system.

Aircraft are further equipped with a microwave downlink system, allowing flight crews to share information and images with officers and command staff on the ground.